• Dissolves nutrients into an easily digestible form.
  • Reduces nutrient leaching.
  • Increases immunity and nutrient circulation in plants.
  • Highly activated organic radicals neutralize pesticides more safely and effectively.
  • Contains antagonistic microorganisms.
4.4/5 - (14 bình chọn)

Dissolve nutrients into an easily digestible form

  • SEP helps dissolve nutrients from fertilizer faster, helping to create digestible mineral ions that combine with organic structures to become organic nutrients. These substances are easy for plants to absorb.

Reduces nutrient leaching

  • SEP combines with nutrients to form a glue that is difficult to wash away by external influences such as water, evaporation, etc., so plants use nutrients more effectively.

Increases immunity and nutrient circulation in plants

  • In addition to binding with nutritional minerals, SEP also binds with enzymes, vitamins, and auxins, thus improving respiratory activity and nutrient metabolism in plants.
  • SEP supports carbohydrate metabolism, increases osmotic pressure in cell walls, helps plants withstand drought very well, thereby increasing plant immunity.

Highly activated organic radical neutralizes pesticide chemicals more safely and effectively

  • SEP promotes the reduction of organic radicals in pesticides and herbicides, contributing to the degradation of these substances. SEP also has the ability to form complexes with heavy metal ions such as Fe, Al,… significantly improving soil pH.

Contains antagonistic microorganisms

  • Pseudomonat spp., Trichoderma spp. Helps increase strength and decompose organic matter into an effective form.
  • Beauveria basala, Metarhizium, Peacilomyces Lilacinus strongly oppose harmful insects such as beetle larvae, crickets, cicadas,… and groups of root nematodes.