pH balancing solution for soil

Bio-organic foliar fertilizer:

  • Strong root stimulation, young roots become white and large.
  • Dissolves nutrients, saves fertilizer, reduces nutrient loss.
  • Wash alum, salty, sour.
  • Raise soil pH.
  • Replace organic fertilizer, save 60-70% chemical fertilizer.
4.5/5 - (8 bình chọn)


  • 1 liter bottle


  • Extremely high Fulvic Acid content (over 41%).
  • Humic Acid (3.06%).
  • More than 16 types of Amino Acids from Türkiye help detoxify plants and stimulate strong and stable root growth.
  • Microwave technology increases the solubility and absorption of fertilizers by plants.

User manual:

  • Use for all types of plants.
  • Mix 1 liter with 500 – 600 liters of water.

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