• Neutralizes acid in the soil, helps reduce acidity and increase soil porosity.
  • Promotes young buds and branches to develop strongly.
  • Extremely strong rooting, young roots are large and strong.
  • Helps the fruit to be green, shiny and grow quickly.
  • Provides essential nutrients to help plants recover quickly after harvest.
5/5 - (1 bình chọn)


  • 5 liter can

Ingredients: extracted from green algae, enhances oxygen.

  • Organic matter: 40%
  • C/N ratio: 10.5
  • pHH2O: 6
  • Density: 1.35

User manual:

  • Mix with water, ratio 1 liter of TRICHO VIC OXI to 500 – 600 liters of water for root irrigation, periodically every 15 – 20 days.
  • Water evenly around the tree canopy, where young roots will develop.
  • Irrigation restores the tree, increases nutrition for the tree when bearing fruit, creating a premise for more effective treatment of young buds.
  • Suitable for most crops such as durian, custard apple, plum, cocoa, tangerine, grapefruit, mango, jackfruit, longan, papaya, rambutan, coffee, pepper,…