• Stimulates new plants to sprout quickly, with thick green leaves and large, smooth leaves.
  • Makes flowers hard and plump. Prevents dryness and flower loss.
  • Nurture fruit, grow fruit quickly, round fruit and limit fruit loss.
  • Stimulates plants to grow new roots and absorb water and fertilizer well.
  • Increases plant resistance to adverse weather conditions.
4.1/5 - (7 bình chọn)


  • 1 liter bottle, 450 ml


  • Organic matter: 38%.
  • 24 types of special Amino Acids from France.
  • Contains a full range of minerals and balanced NPK for growth.

Special point:


  • Creates nutrients in microscopic sizes to help increase adhesion, absorption and penetration through leaves.

Increase plant growth and development

  • RECY helps increase biomass, plant size, number of flowers, seed germination, root and stem length in seedlings. RECY has a positive effect on root crops, helping to increase productivity without affecting the quality of agricultural products.

Increase photosynthesis

  • Increases chlorophyll content, energy and photosynthetic intensity, thereby increasing photosynthetic efficiency.

Increases nitrate (protein) metabolism

  • RECY activates nitrogen (protein) absorption and nitrate reductase (NR) enzyme activity in plants, helping to increase the nutrient content of agricultural products. At the same time, it increases nitrate nitrogen assimilation to help plants grow quickly and healthily.

Increase flowering

  • Increased induction of flowering increases the activity of gibberellin (GA) in stimulating flowering.

Increases the plant’s defense mechanism

  • RECY works very well with Calcium to cause a protective response for plants by increasing the local concentration of many free radicals, thereby ligninizing the pathogen invasion area. This leads to the death of the pathogen and sequestration of infected tissues.

Increases plant stress resistance

  • Helps plants better withstand adverse conditions such as: high temperature, cold, UV radiation, saline drought,… improves plants’ antioxidant capacity and helps synthesize protective compounds.

User manual:

  • Use for all plants.
  • Mix 1 liter for 3 – 4 drums. Use for root irrigation or foliar spraying.
  • Spray or water periodically every 7 days.
  • Suitable for all stages of plant growth.

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